B.B.PAW Kids Tablet 7" Whole Brain Education Tablet for Kids 2 to 6 Years Old with 90+ Preloaded Learning and Training Apps

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Product Description

Nerdy Computers, Laptops and Tablets are presently presenting the extremeley popular B.B.PAW Kids Tablet 7" Whole Brain Education Tablet for Kids 2 to 6 Years Old with 90+ Preloaded Learning and Training Apps for a reduced price. Don't miss it - buy the B.B.PAW Kids Tablet 7" Whole Brain Education Tablet for Kids 2 to 6 Years Old with 90+ Preloaded Learning and Training Apps online now!

Manufacturer Description

1?I already have a tablet, with which I can download free kids learning Apps, why should I buy B.B.PAW?
(1) Normal tablet is like a "library", you have to spend time to go there, you have to know which "book or app" is
suitable to your kid, and you have to know where to find it. It is very hard for parents to pick all right books for each
stage of their children. But B.B. PAW is like a school, there is a full learning system built-in, where all contents are well
arranged and approved by early educators.
(2) There is a "parent control" mode, which can protect kids from getting into unsuitable website and download
unhealthy apps.
(3) All Apps in B.B. PAW are free of charge.

2?What can kids learn from B.B. PAW?
Language skills, memory training, attention training, shapes, colors, music, painting, counting, logic thinking, animals,
numbers, daily words, common knowledge about flowers, countries, galaxy and etc, fairy tales.

3?What is the speciality about B.B. PAW learning apps?
It must be "Whole Brian Education". When B.B. PAW teaches kids above knowledge, it also train their brain abilities at
same time, since kids are getting into their "key period" for many of their abilities, such as leadership, creativity,
imagination and so on.

4?It looks like B.B. PAW is a serious learning machine, what will we do if kids don't like to learn from it?
Our slogan is "Education towards Future". All subjects are grouped into many interesting games which are specially designed for
kids under this age period. They learn automatically when they are playing and enjoying "games".

5?Is there a WiFi?
Yes, it can be used as a normal tablet under parent mode.

6?Can B.B. PAW watch Youtube?
Yes, under parent mode.

Product Features

90+ learning and training Apps in all subjects are well designed by educational experts from USA, Italy and China with concepts of Whole Brain Education for children 2 to 6 years old Parents guideline written by preschool educators for each game outlines the purpose, the concept, why and how and the possible benefits of each learning Apps for kids during children's each growing stage Contents help reinforce and promote language ability, sociability, leadership, creativity, imagination, attention, memory, logic thinking, judgement, team spirit, self-reliance, also include music, color, shape, counting, fairy tales and more The age-appropriate apps create a wonderful way for kids to see, listen, feel and observe the world in the key stage of developing the abilities of the brain, we make learning and playing fun that's the perfect gift for kids Paw design for easy holding, Android System with WiFi, expandable to extra 32 GB storage. B.B.PAW tablet is not only a learning tablet for kids, but also an ordinary tablet for adults. Made with high quality, so a little bigger and heavier.1 year warranty